I’m Keely Chisholm, a music and pop culture blogger from Boston, Massachusetts. In the past, I’ve written for the online websites The Ledge Sports and Emertainment Monthly, covering music, movies, theatre, and pop culture.

The name of this blog draws inspiration from Fall Out Boy and the Chinese legend of Han Xiangzi.

Han Xiangzi is one of the Eight Immortals of Daoism and known as the patron of musicians. One tale of how he achieved his immortality involves Xiangzi climbing a tree to play his flute, only to fall out. This particular tree just happened to be the sacred Peach Tree of Immortality, so instead of falling to certain injury, he was granted eternal life when he caught himself on one of the branches. As this blog will focus primarily on music, I found the peach tree fitting.

As for the rest of the title, Fall Out Boy fans may have recognized the play on the title of the band’s 2005 album, From Under the Cork Tree.