Single By Sunday Rock Boston’s Herter Park

Last Saturday night, four-piece Single By Sunday brought their exciting brand of pop punk to Boston’s Herter Park Amphitheater. Each decked out in colorful suit jackets to match brightly dyed hair, band members Josh Ladds, Jonny Eakins, Jack Black, and James Madison gave the small crowd an evening to remember.

I got to chat with the band before the show, and a word that kept coming up in our conversations was energy. Black and Eakins spoke about wanting their shows to be energetic and how much they liked getting a crowd pumped up, and I learned as soon as the show began that those weren’t just empty words.

The first thing the band did was invite everyone to get up and come to stand in front of the stage, which was a stroke of brilliance—otherwise, everyone would have been sitting down, scattered around and far away, and sitting down is no way to see a rock show. Only after a few dozen people came to the front did they begin to play.

IMG_8131 (1)

Surprisingly, this show was drummer James Madison’s very first show with the band, having been recruited just a week earlier. If they hadn’t mentioned that fact, it wouldn’t have been obvious. Madison blended in perfectly, as though he’d been there from day one.

Single By Sunday haven’t yet released a full-length album yet, but the setlist was drawn from singles and EPs released since 2015. Brand new single “Dear John,” released just a day before the concert, was included, as were two covers: Busted’s “Year 3000” and The Ramones’ classic “Blitzkrieg Bop,” showcasing to everyone within earshot where their sonic roots lie.

Their sound, to put a label on it, would fall under pop punk, similar to the likes of the high-intensity, unrelenting sound of Green Day with the melodic choruses of early 5 Seconds of Summer (think along the lines of 2013’s “Try Hard“). It’s catchy hooks with energetic beats, loud guitars and raw vocals. It’s fun, energetic, the kind of music that instantly fills a space and gets people excited.

Single By Sunday are touring the U.S. through December, and the full interview with the band can be found here.

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  1. Great Job! Love both posts ….interview was very interesting. Hope you are doing well and getting ready for Birthday Week End for Your dad’s 60th. And pretty soon….Keely’s 24th. Love you lots. Grandma P.S. did you get my note last week.

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